US Open Injury Watch

US Open Injury Watch Common tennis injuries The final Grand Slam of the tennis season began at the US Open on Monday 28th August. Normally we would be talking about how all of the top players are descending on Flushing Meadows in Queens, New York. This year however there has been a recurring theme: injury. [...]

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Start the New Season Injury Free

Start the New Season Injury Free With the new Scottish football season now in full swing, the number of injuries – professional and amateur – will no doubt rise! A combination of overzealousness and complacency will be sure to contribute to a number of injuries, ranging from small, fairly innocuous niggles to painful, potentially longer [...]

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Sooth Injuries with Sports Massage

Sooth Injuries with Sports Massage Sports Massage is an essential component of any comprehensive physiotherapy plan. It helps with serious injuries, strains and conditioning. It allows you to lie back and let a qualified physiotherapist examine your physical condition to determine the specific spots needing treatment and what massage techniques to use. Don’t let the [...]

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An Introduction to Clinical Pilates

An Introduction to Clinical Pilates Pilates were once the oft-forgotten, never-mentioned cousins of yoga. Now they have become a hugely popular, widely recognised method of improving and maintaining fitness in their own right. Developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, who rightly believed mental and physical health were closely connected. His method was developed out [...]

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Avoid Tennis Injuries during Wimbledon Season

How To Avoid Tennis Injuries It’s that time of year again. Wimbledon. The tennis racquets are fetched down from the attic, dusted off and – weather permitting – taken to local tennis courts. It is the 2 weeks of the year where the whole of the UK is joined in mutual appreciation and enjoyment of [...]

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Improve your Body with Range of Movement and Flexibility Exercises

Movement and Flexibility Exercises Physiotherapy is synonymous with good physical health and wellbeing. It is used for a variety of reasons including relaxation, to help with injury recovery and to strengthen the body. Physiotherapy however is not simply for overworked, injured athletes in need of quick, responsive treatment. It is also a great way for [...]

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Fix your Strains and Sores with healing, pain-reducing Electrotherapy

  Fix your Strains and Sores with healing, pain-reducing Electrotherapy It may sound like something Dr Frankenstein used to create his Monster in Mary Shelley’s classic but never fear, as electrotherapy is actually a hugely reliable, useful way of treating injuries to restore you to prime physical health. Pioneered in 1856 by Guillaume Duchenne electrotherapy [...]

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Increase Workplace Efficiency With DSE Assessment

Increase your Workplace Efficiency With a DSE Assessment It would astound you to know how much money UK businesses lose due to sickness-related illnesses. In 2013 alone, 131 million days were lost because of sickness absences, an average of 4.4 days per worker. Furthermore, in 2011/12 the cost of accidents, injuries and ill health to [...]

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Prepare for the London Marathon

Prepare for the London Marathon Marathon Training Nothing quite beats the adrenaline rush of a run. The way the world seems to flash by. The feel of the air rushing past you. The sounds of the city, countryside or, if you prefer to listen to music, your favourite track in your ears. Then there are [...]

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Runner’s Knee

Runner’s Knee Recover from and prevent Crippling Knee Injuries for the Future Since the dawn of time, humans have run. Whether from predators, or as one, our legs have always carried us to safety or sustained us. Times have certainly changed since then but our legs are no less important. Running is one of the [...]

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